Never Forget Another Word You Said or Heard on a Phone Call

As the ancient wisdom goes, "The weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory." You may have a bear-trap memory, but it's no match for the written word, and when you have important phone calls the written word is no match for the R3M3MB3R app. We've developed R3M3MB3R so you never forget what you said or heard on a phone call, because you can find it in seconds.

R3M3MB3R is a keyword-search app for your phone calls, built to your needs. You fire it up, take the call, and focus on the call and not worry about the recording. Then, a minute later or a year later, you can pull up the exact part of the conversation you want to read or listen to. In seconds you'll have the facts on who said what and when, whether you need that part of the conversation for business, legal, or personal reasons. You won't be stuck between sloppy pen-and-paper notes, reading transcripts, and re-listening to hours of audio. R3M3MB3R allows you to keep moving.

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What Makes R3M3MB3R the Best Call Recording and Transcription App for Phone Calls?

  1. It's cloud-based. It's not stored on your device, so your access doesn't depend on the safety of your device. Your conversation is safe and sound even if your phone falls in the drink or on the train tracks.
  2. It's easy to search by keyword and see which conversation looks like the right one. You just type in any keyword you remember - the more unusual, the better - and the app shows you the specific part of the specific conversation where you or the other person said that word.
  3. The calls are archived and stored long-term. We hang onto your call, so that whenever the need arises you can pull up the conversation and see and hear it like it just happened - even if it was years ago.
  4. R3M3MB3R works on Android devices. If you're an Android user, you may know the pain: Android won't let you initiate a recorded call through an app, so you have to record the call over speakerphone, and the call quality is terrible. Not an issue with R3M3MB3R: You can call someone else through the app, without needing speakerphone.
  5. Each person's voice is recorded separately. Think "right ear, left ear." This way, the other person's barking dog or interruption won't interfere with the recording of your voice, and your neighbor with the leaf blower won't stop R3M3MB3R from capturing what the other person says. We follow the all-important advice in Ghostbusters: "Don't cross the streams."
  6. We store the audio file for you, too, and you can access it instantly. That means you don't have to rely on what the transcript says, and can re-listen to certain parts if you want to. You're not stuck with just the words. You can hear the pace, tones, and vibes and get back into the conversation. You may understand it even better this time around.
  7. You get your own phone number, so you capture inbound calls automatically. You'll know when R3M3MB3R is capturing the call whenever you get a call at that number. When you see your R3M3MB3R caller id ringing, you know the person heard your brief "this call may be recorded" message, so you don't have to ask them awkwardly, "Hey, before we start, do you mind if I record this call?"
  8. The app will never heat up and conflict with another app on your phone. That's because the call recording is happening in the cloud rather than being stored on your device, which frees up your device to do whatever else you need it to do.
  9. You don't need TWO phone numbers if you run a business where most of your calls are inbound. If most customers call you (rather than the other way around), you just provide them your R3M3MB3R number and let the app handle everything so that you can focus on the business at hand.
  10. Never again will you need to pay for transcription, waste pads of paper, or burn out your eyes from typing furiously.

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